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About Us

Brandi bus

Brandi Bus started as a family business and continues to remain faithful to its beginnings, even though over time it has expanded and incorporated new services.

As a company specializing in the rental of vehicles with drivers, Brandi Bus is also a reliable partner offering transport services for travel agencies, tour operators, and inbound/outbound travel facilities.

The history of the company began in 1928 when Edoardo Brandi founded the rental business that later (1982) became a real company (limited partnership) under the direction of his daughters. In 1999, management was passed on to a daughter, Carla, who continues to to take pride in her role running the family business with passion and dedication.

The Brandi Bus company is located in Levanella, in the province of Arezzo, in the heart of the Arno Valley, a strategic area in the centre of Tuscany from which to undertake short and long trips.

Our highly professional staff and extensive fleet make the Brandi Bus company particularly suitable for any transfer requiring the rental of minivans, minibuss and luxury coaches.

Why choose Brandi Bus

We are fully knowledgeable about our work and are committed to understanding and satisfying the demands of our customers each and every day. We have invested in our company and today we boast a team of trained professionals capable of safely driving any of our vehicles. We have an extensive fleet of vehicles, which we frequently monitor and inspect in order to ensure our customers quality service and exclusive treatment.

A proposito di noi

About Us

Our family has generations of commitment to this work and performs it with passion and dedication.

What we do

We offer full-service rental vehicles with drivers.

Why we do it

We love the idea of being able to continue a tradition that has been handed down for generations and continues to encourage us to meet the needs of the modern day. To do this as well as we can, our team undergoes continual refresher training and we keep our focus on the customer.

Where we operate

We work extensively in Valdarno and Tuscany, with agencies, companies and individuals. We also offer transfers and services throughout Italy and Europe.


Transfer to/from airports: 100%
Concerts: 80%
Events: 70%
Shopping: 100%
Tourism: 100%